These are the places we've been to so far. Countries visited properly, i.e. spent a decent amount of time in - preferably overnight, but certainly had a meal there, are in red, 'lived ins' appear in dark red. Countries visited only briefly or in transit appear in yellow.

(To follow, as below)

It doesn't look much when you see how many places are still green!! In fact, a combination of this map and a raw count of number of countries visited made me realise that, although we used to travel quite a lot, I wasn't sure I could class us as 'widely travelled'.=) Hopefully, we can change that one fine day, but I doubt it will be soon.

Here's Europe in more detail:

Austria, Belgium, England, France, Germany, Greece (E), Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta (E), Netherlands, Romania (M), Scotland, Spain, Wales and about half an hour across the border into Switzerland.

And here's Asia:

(To follow when I've sussed the new Google Geo charts)

Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and several times landing in Bangkok en route to Taipei, although we've never left the airport yet!

Many thanks to Rachel for helping me just about understand how to use these maps and whose 'been to' list is enviable compared to mine - so far...