Ideas and Plans

Here are some of the trips I'd like us to take over the next few years.  I've just got Europe and the Near East here, but it's not always easy to get a map together (as you can see, I've made my own by hand for the first two), so they can wait for another time.

This first one is a Leger coach tour holiday of just a week based, except for the 4 days in transit, in the tiny little mountain locked country of Andorra.  

This next one is an idea of an independent trip flying first to the Faroes (not sure from where, but I've assumed Manchester), then getting the ferry to Iceland (although I think I've got the line going to the wrong side here...) and finally flying back to the UK.

Here are two cruises from the Princess Lines brochure.  The first is visiting many of the Bible lands: 

And the second is the popular Norwegian coast cruise, but with a trip all the way up to Spitsbergen - to see the polar bears - (I wish!  Not too likely in summer!)

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