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Durham afternoon visit - 3 Nov 2010

Well over two years ago, shortly after we got back from Taiwan etc, we took a trip up north to meet up with some old friends from Germany (some of whom starred in the last posting) in Edinburgh.  On the way, we made a brief detour off the A1 to have a quick look at some of the sights in Durham.  I couldn't use a number of shots taken on that visit as the light was quite challenging to work with at the time.  It was a bitterly cold day, but as clear and bright as you could wish for - if you don't need to take into account the long shadows cast at that time of year and the proximity of a lot of the photogenic buildings to each other!  However, here are a selection of the better ones.

After finding an inconspicuous sort of place to park the car for three hours, we took a walk down the hill towards the city centre and got a first glimpse of the castle we'd come to take a tour of over the rooftops.

Here's the more-or-less done to death shot of the castle from the bridge crossing the River Wear

And some daft what-not posing on the bridge!

Another done to death shot of the cathedral rising up on the hill above river (I don't much like churches and related buildings (for which reason you'll note the cathedral being conspicuous by it's absence from the rest of this post), but I suppose you can't 'do' Durham without this pic...)

This is the inner courtyard section of the castle.  This place is still in full operation, although since the 19th century has been in use as one (the first actually) of the colleges of Durham University.  So, if you were to study there and apply for University College, or work there, you could find yourself eating and sleeping in the castle!  How cool would that be?

We had a tour of the main areas of the castle given by one of the postgrads doing a PhD in modern period literature, which was very interesting.

Back out on the Palace Green area

I still love my doorways!  I think the one here (below) is the entrance to the University's Palace Green Library, but I was only there for a very short while and have slept since, so can't be sure.

This is taken from the hill where the castle and cathedral are looking back over to the rest of the city.

Another nice doorway and some windows found in the immediate vicinity - I like nice windows too!

This red pillarbox just broke up the stark, cold autumn lack of colour.  We had our very cold picnic lunch on the bench seen on the right,

After a quick Kaffee und Kuchen, we headed back to the car and thence to the A1 for Edinburgh.....

Text and images © Elizabeth Braun 2013

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