Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Seoul, Korea - Part One

It's the morning after leaving Taiwan and we're in South Korea, spending a couple of days on a stopover in Seoul. This was somewhere completely new for both of us and, as we had no Korean beyond, 'hello', 'goodbye' and 'thank-you', quite an adventure too!

First, a few things we saw on the way to our tourist destinations for the day! We walked up a street with many shops selling traditional Korean dresses of which this is one:

Here's a small reminder than Korea is still, technically, a nation at war....

We've seen plenty of live fish in the windows of East Asian restaurants, but these sea cucmbers were a novelty to us.

Seoul has a great many palaces, (which means plenty of things to see for those who, like us, don't go in for temples), and this is the gate to one of them that we passed on the way to the museum we planned to see.

Just like in Taiwan, the undersides of the rooves of these buildings are attractions in themselves. Just look at the colour and detail in this:

You could be forgiven for thinking that this was a tree, but it's actually a lamppost with it's top part in a tree!!

Here's part of the grounds of the National Folk Museum in northern Seoul, where we went to that day.

And this is the museum building itself.

I adore folk museums - the 'how we used to live' type of place, as opposed to copious paintings of strangers and 'who killed who where' war history. These are some of the exhibits, first a model of people preparing food with their children:

Here's a child in her traditional costume. Best togs, no doubt, perhaps all got up for a special occasion.

This one was a typical classical school scene and there was an accompanying recording of the sort of repetition learning that the pupils would have to do.

There was a series of model houses, of which this is one.

Back outside in the grounds again and these last two shots are taken over the wall into the Imperial Palace compound next door.

We just did the folk museum as it was free entry and we're cheapskates no matter where we are and we were also running out of time. It was getting towards close of play by the time we came out..... Which reminds me that I've actually got the places we went to out of synch and that much of the content of the next posting we actually went to before this one!! Stay tuned for more very soon indeed.

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