Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Penultimate 10 Days in Taiwan

Back to Taiwan again after 12 days in Japan to find that two of my Japanese classmates had managed to get 100% in a dictation test and so my teacher was keeping her promise to take the class out for lunch! Martin wasn't in this class with me, but she kindly included him in the invitation.=) I'd hoped to crack getting 100% in at least once sentence dictation test, but I had to be content with a couple of 99%s and having beaten the Japanese at the time! Ms Bao (the teacher that term) was sweet enough to tell me that it was quite something for a Western student to give the Japanese a run for their money when it came to dictations. That was decent kudos!! Here we all are after the meal. The older chap is a former ambassador!! Interesting classmate to have - for a number of reasons!!!

The following weekend was the District Convention, which for our area was held in this stadium facility.

This was what it looked like inside. Almost back to where we started the August before when we were at the convention our second full day in Taiwan!!

Here you can see Rose paying rapt attention to the programme almost directly opposite to where we were sitting!!=) (My excuse for not really concentrating at this point is that we'd been at the English programme in Japan a fortnight before!!)

Here's the drama and it's the couple who tried to take their valuables as they escaped Jerusalem.=) Remember this bit?

And finally for the assembly, we have my old favourite of the sign language section 'singing'.

It's now the following Wednesday evening and Sir and I are catching up with some people in the ministry to say 'Goodbye' etc. I took a few photos of the classy housing...

Thursday night that week saw me having my first and last talk on the main school. I was with a youngster for both presentations I was assigned to give and, funnily enough, the other one is in the foreground of this photo!!

This unusual final shot for this collection was taken out of our living room window. The sunset was very impressive indeed, even though it doesn't look so marvellous here. You get the idea anyway.

The last 10 days in Taiwan are up next time.

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