Sunday, 17 April 2011

Last Day in Japan

Cast your minds back to last August for a little while whilst I try to complete our East Asia photos etc!!

These first two aren't really from the last day, they just didn't fit into the previous post, but came from the day before our Tokyo trip. I was out on the ministry with our sister Mitsio and we called in at JAXA - the Japanese version of NASA! Tsukuba, where we'd been based, is a major research centre and so, what better place?

Onto our actual last day now....

OK, I admit, this is not quite what you expected to see, but I was somewhere between intrigued and really impressed by this lavatorial arrangement. As soon as you flush, the water starts to flow automatically from the little font on top of the loo and you can wash your hands at once in a most hygienic (no need to touch the tap) and space-saving manner!

Hmm, here's another one that's out of sequence, but this is Michiyo and another sister interpreting Service Meeting Items for the members of the English group in the second school room.

And here we are posing for a quick snap under the bilingual yeartext just after the English Sunday meeting, where Martin had given the public talk.

These next two were taken from the car on the way to the airport (where we went straight from the meeting). I wanted to give some idea of regular Japanese houses.

I love these last two. They're very typical of Japanese restaurants. Instead of the printed menu in the window that we're used in the West, Japanese eateries have full sized plastic models of what you can order in the window. No need to ask what it is, you can just go and see.

It's a great idea, isn't it?

Last weeks in Taiwan and trip to Korea coming up soon....

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