Tuesday, 24 August 2010


The first part of the Kyoto adventure was a trip on the famous Shinkansen, the bullet train. It was interesting that, just the day or so before at the convention, one of the speakers had mentioned how the front of the train was modelled on the kingfisher's beak (illustrating how technology mimics nature and asking how, if one requires an intelligent designer, how come so many people think the original didn't??)

Some scenes around Kyoto

Japanese style crafts and gifts. I bought some of the lovely bookmarks and snatched this picture (and some others) as possible inspiration for future art and textiles work!=)

A sister from the Kyoto Chinese congregation kindly met with us and took us to the Shogun's old haunt - Nijo Castle, which (if I remember correctly) was the first place in Japan to be awarded World Heritage Site status.

And here are a couple of locals going in as well! It's nice to see that traditional dress is still so often worn by Japanese people. These are not kimono though, but yukata, a simpler, but very similar looking outfit that is still very popular as a summer outfit.

Unlike Tokyo, which was all but flattened, Kyoto was, apparantly, untouched during the 2nd world war, so many old fashioned buildings and other architectural details remain from the past.

This is a Shinto shrine and temple found in the souther corner of the National Gardens where the old Imperial Palace is located. Sadly, there are only 18 people per day allowed to go into the Palace itself and we were too late to book, but we did look around the gardens.

These are the prayer plaques left there by people of various countries (you can often see lots of different languages), mostly wishing for health and happiness for their familes and friends.

Tokyo coming soon! Hope to post that over the next few days and see my textiles blog for shots of me being dressed up and posing around in a genuine kimono!

We're monster busy getting ready to leave Taiwan: sorting out all our stuff, going out to meals with countless kind people and Martin trying to get the last of his hours for the year in - and I have a bug and can only do little bits at a time.=( Still, every little helps and we still have 3 days left and really only 3 or 4 hours work to do, so we'll be fine! School finished last Friday and all we have to do now is go and get print-outs of our marks/transcripts etc this coming Friday.

Seoul from Saturday to Tuesday, then on to Germany for 12 days' rest....Ahhhh!


  1. Hey!
    Ein Reiseblog und dann auch noch Bilder aus Asien?! Wow! Einfach genial! Ich sehe gerne noch öfter's hier vorbei. ;-)
    Schöne Grüße
    PS: Schaut mal auf meinem Blog - Vielleicht gefallen euch auch meine Bilder aus China!? ;-D

  2. Thanks for posting the photos Elizabeth, fascinating stuff - maybe I'll get to Japan -one day!