Monday, 16 November 2009

We're on-line!

Hurrah! We've got the Net installed at home. After a bit of looking and asking around about services and prices, our landlady put the local service provider in touch with us yesterday morning and, within 3 hours, we were up and running. How nice it is not to have to take laptops to school if we want to do something on-line or make a Skype call. We can now 'phone our mums much more easily and much more often.=) We didn't much fancy checking the small print though!!!

This is the last week of school and we re-registered this morning for the next term starting on Thurs 3 December. Don't know if we'll be in the same class next time, but it's at the same time of day at least. This terms there have been 3 classes using this text and starting point at that time, so we could well be in different groups this time. Whatever is fine. The first fortnight looks like being a bit dull as the new starting point is the chapter we're about to finish, but if many of the class are in a similar position, we may be able to get through it all the faster. Having said that, I've had a really nasty little bug lately, which is trying to re-surface for the 2nd time and I missed a lot of this chapter having to take 4 days off classes, so the revision won't hurt me. Today I did the catch up test for the day I was sent home unable to do anything!! I'd gone in to have a stab at the test, but hadn't been able to do a thing. Ugh, I'm sick of either being ill or worn out!! Anyway, we're having 10am classes next term, so that will mean up to 2 hours more sleep each day.=)

Over the holidays, apart from catching up on his hours for the month (it's CO vist this week, and every pioneer knows how that wrecks your hour schedule, esp as here they don't have general min arrangements in the afternoon, only for those with Bro or Sis Li, and the regular groups aren't happening) and the being behind in September whilst we were settling in, Martin's planning to do a bit of job-hunting next week. We were told that August/September is the best time to be looking for work, with December being the second best, so he wants to see if anyone wants a German teacher for a year and can give him a legal work permit etc. Not holding our breath as we enough funds to manage out here until summer 2011, but it would be nice not to have to decimate our UK funds too badly.

Last Tuesday we went to have a better look around the CKS Memorial Hall area. We didn't go up to the Hall proper, just had a look around the shopping areas etc in the National Theatre and Concert Hall, two identical buildings in the same complex. I tried out a US$14000 viola in the strings shop in the Concert Hall basement and they offered to rent me a £600 instrument for only £14 per month, but I really don't think I have time for musical studies out here. Here are some photos:

Even the tube station is in keeping with the environment!=)

Tomorrow afternoon we're meeting up with Wayne and Janine Henry from Birmingham Mandarin who are spending 6 months in Kaohsiung right now. Janine's parents are over for a visit, so they're on their way up to Taipei as I type and we're looking forward to a bit of touristy sight-seeing with them tomorrow. Then the real business of the Circuit Visit starts! Martin and Bro Zhou go on each others' studies on Friday afternoons, but both are taking Bro Li this time and have each found himself dumped by the other!! I'm going with Meishan, (who got the truth in Reading whilst studying at the Uni there from 2005-7 and is now pioneering here), on some of her calls and studies. She's taken the foreign language work to heart and is involved in the Veitnamese field. She seems determined to get me involved as well and I've said that, if they do lessons again at some point, I'll join in. Useful for the home turf as well. I've also got some Japanese and Korean books, so language studies are taking up most of my time - thus no time for music! Well, one can't fit in everything and this is too good an opportunity for linguistic development to let pass by.

These were taken at the mid-week (Thursday) meeting last week:

Martin's first item =)

Meishan (on the right) demonstrating a return visit on someone she met the day before.

Just to keep life from ever getting close to being boring, we've had 3 earthquakes since we arrived, including one last night whilst we were trying to get to sleep. The earth shook us awake again!! Doesn't seem to have been much more than just a tremor, but there was one which was 6 on the Richter scale, epicentre in Nantou, (just south of Taichung, where Yufang lives), and that shook quite a bit up here too. Didn't last more than 10 or 15 seconds and even in Nantou, the only casualty was a high school boy who was injured by a piece of falling ceiling tile. The quakes here aren't often really devastating, but they are increasing in frequency. Was Jesus right or what?? We even had one felt in Leeds a while ago, whilst I was on the loo at 1am and wondered who was rattling the front door!!! I've experienced 6 earthquakes so far and Martin 5, but neither of us have been in anything really scary yet, so don't panic, Emily!!

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  1. is curious as humans we adapt, I was born and raised in a seismic country (Chile - South America), and I rose from my site unless a tremor grade 5 or more. You've had hectic days!, I'm glad you've got internet.