Monday, 23 November 2009


We made it through the first term in the correct number of pieces, although we're both feeling a bit on the worn out side now. Haven't got our marks for the full term yet, but will have by next week (as well as the results of the proficiency tests we did). Here's our class and teacher from last term, sadly without Minoko, our Japanese sister who elected not to turn up on the last day. She's not what you might call a model of diligence!!

And here's our teacher getting the last crumbs of the German cakes we brought in. The last class really couldn't be called a lesson as we all just chattered in Chinese and ate all the goodies that most of us brought. We bought 3 pieces of tray cake from the German bakery and bistro the Japanese chap in our former class had told us about, not far from where Rosie lives. We decided not to take more as, although they're well and truly delicious, we knew everyone else would be bringing stuff in in plenty and they did! In the end, we sent the left-overs to the staff room with our teacher.

So, now we're on holiday from school until Wed 2 December.=) We enjoy our classes and were very gratified to hear about 7 new words and constructions from last term's material included in just the Circuit Overseer's final talk on Saturday, but we're also very glad of the rest. From now onwards we have classes at 10am instead of at 8am and I think this will help me especially to recover some umph. I had awful difficulty sleeping for much of the term and we losing about 2 hours of sleep every night. NOT good for the health!

Last Tuesday we went to meet up with the Henrys and Drysdales, who were up in Taipei for a couple of days. Here they all are, (Wayne and Janine from Brum cong and Janine's mum, dad and sis), after we'd had lunch together in the big food court in the basement of the 101 building. They'd just been up the observation platform, which I think is on something like the 89th floor! On calm and clear days, you can go onto an outside one another few floors up, but that's not something I'm up for! I might do the indoor one, if Sir's really keen, but the other's a big NO!

There was another quake in the early hours of this morning, a little rumble for 2 or 3 seconds at 05:45, which woke me up. They're on the increase, but still nothing major. It's seems like it was in California when I visitied there back in 94/95 that there's a small tremor every week or so, but only a really bad one every several years or decades. Quite an interesting experience really. Not severe enough to be actually scary, although Martin's poor mum was a bit un-nerved when we told her about it over the Skype phone last week!

Speaking of Skype, if you have a username etc, let us know and maybe we can chat sometime?? It's so nice to catch up with friends in person, so to speak and, although it's only 1.2p per minute to call a landline, with Skype, it's free and we can even see each other. So, please let us have your usernames and available times - remembering that we're GMT+8 hours over here, so it's 8pm when it's noon in the UK, 1pm in Germany, 10pm in Australia, 7am on the US/Canadian East Coast and 4am on the west.

The CBE is coming for us in an hour or so to take us to CostCo to look for some things we need, like some clothes etc. Still having shoe nightmares and tingly toes, but I'm finding out bit by bit what's causing it and how to compensate, so I should have the shoe problem under control before too much longer or much more experimentation. The things here are SO pretty and I plan to buy some patterns before we leave so I can make up some clothes in the nice styles they have here at home too.

Oh, I went on Meishan's motorscooter last Friday! I was rather nervous at first, but, as I said to 2 other sisters we met whilst trying one call, my head came slowly up and I began to rather enjoy it! I'm going to get my own helmet and so on I think as she and I have made arrangements to do her calls etc together on Friday afternoons. It's so easy to get partners and enough time in here that even I could pioneer without mcuh hardship at all! We'll think about that more seriously in a couple of months. In the meantime, the rain seems to be easing off and the temperatures creeping back up. Not before time too as it's been a rotten autumn with temperatures 10C less than normal and rain about 70% of the time! Ooof!!!

Thanks for the e-mails that have come of late.=) I was wondering if one batch had gone astray, especially when it became clear that Emily hadn't had mine and I'd heard from no-one else in that lot of 8, but 3 more have come now and, oh, how nice it is to hear from home friends! Replies will be with you all soon.


  1. i am glad that you have a nice holiday,take care.

  2. Just catching up with all of your adventures. Looks like an amazing place to be living, and certainly not dull! Glad you are now on line at home! Hope you enjoyed the holiday break. Keep well. x