Monday, 19 October 2009

Wow! Sunshine! But not for long....

The sun has got his hat on, hip-hip-hip-hurrah! Yes, after about 3 weeks of almost constant rain, it seems like the two typhoons which were taking the long tour of the Asia Pacific have blown themselves out, or at least blown themselves away from Taiwan and the sun has managed to make an appearance again. Temperatures are still in the low-mid 20oCs, but that’s how I like the weather, so no complaints from me. However, we’ve just been told that another typhoon, one that will probably hit the island properly, is on the way. Oh goodie! This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago, in a break from the rain, at one of the entrances to the 2-28 Peace Park in the central area of Taipei.

What we are really sick of is creepy crawlies! We had a small cockroach in the bathroom the other day and, whilst we’ve done well in keeping them out (one sister told me last week she’d been able to hear them running around her bedroom in the dark – YUCK!), it’s one too many and easily enough put me off my dinner. There’s an article on roaches in the 1992 ‘Awake!’ which, whilst giving loads of useful info about getting rid of them and keeping them out of your home, also ensures the reader that roaches have their uses – on the forest floor. Well, they can jolly well stay there for us! A bigger hassle to us has been ants. Martin’s siliconed every place he can think of, but they still get in and he had a horrid shock on Saturday when he took a washmit he hadn’t needed for a few weeks off a peg to find hundreds of ants nesting in it! That answers for why we found a constant stream of them in the bathroom anyway, but why they insist on coming to our house, I just can’t imagine! We’ve had three veritable swarms of ants around the house and we can only assume that the one we saw inside (just outside the bathroom door) when we came home one day, was the big move in to poor Sir’s washmit! Naturally, the thing has been consigned to the bin and his other, clean one, put away in case it provided a tempting looking nest for the next scouting party. He later found ants starting a nest in the bottom of one of the spare bedroom cupboards….. Where next??

A more interesting creepy crawly was this one – a big, iridescent green beetle! We took care not to alarm (as we didn't know what it would do if scared!!) or hurt it and he’d moved on by the next morning. Ants and roaches become ‘dead nephesh-es’ rather swiftly in this home, but other creatures we try not to harm. A Japanese classmate told us that the Japanese believe that seeing one of these beetles around your home means you’re about to come into money and the funny thing was that we did hear the next day or so that an unexpected £500 was coming our way!! NOT that we credit that to the beetle, of course!

School is going OK, but I think we’re both looking forward to the end of the first quarter and a break. That doesn’t happen for another 5 weeks though, so it’s noses firmly to the grindstone until then. We got our marks for September last week though – 87% and 92%, so that’s good enough to keep the funding coming on OK.=)

I’ll leave you with a photo taken during our meeting last Saturday. Circuit assembly is in 2 weeks time when we’ll catch up with chums from other parts of the city such as Rosie etc.

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  1. I do not like cockroaches, they have many legs and antennae very long ....
    That green beetle is very pretty, those I dislike, well, if they attract money, much better: D
    I hope everything goes well this week.