Monday, 12 October 2009

STILL raining!

I can't believe it's not the UK! It's STILL raining and has been so for about 95% of the last two weeks! The typhoons don't seem to be an issue anymore, but the rain! Oh, to clarify the typhoon/hurricane situation here as Doris kindly left a message hoping that no damage had been done to our home: Taiwan is hit by typhoons during the summer every year, so they're used to it here and the buildings generally aren't the type that would be damaged so easily. It's also an earthquake zone, so things are built to withstand severe weather here and there's been no problems at our place. The major problems with the August typhoon in the south of the island were mostly caused by over-forestation leaving slopes with no tree coverage to catch the mud. So, human mismanagement as usual! Here in Taipei city, there are no risks of that kind and we only had some ordinary wind, nothing special. The forecast says there'll be sunny intervals and 30+C today, but I beg to argue with it!!

Here's some rush hour traffic, photo taken on the bus to school one morning:

I still can't think of anything interesting to say! I only seem able to if I prepare a post the day before, but if I do it all at school, then it's dead boring!! Anyway, here are some of the photos I got of shops and so on at Janet's request.=) This first one is a snack stall at which Martin bought some peanut filled goodies just before getting that photo of me crossing the road (last week's post).

Convenience stores are everywhere. There are about 4 or 5 major chains, of which 7-Eleven is about the biggest, and probably the most expensive as well.

This is a Chinese medicine shop with all the jars of ingredients etc. It reminds me of those reconstructed Victorian streets you see in museums in the UK.=)

This is near where we live and is a typical small shop. They put a lot of their goods out on the street as well as in the shop. Quite trusting really, but I guess folk here are used to it.

I had a bad headache on Saturday and made the mistake of saying so at the meeting (our cong has its public meeting on Saturday evenings), so one of the sisters immediately started to give me a neck and shoulder rub. Now, I describe this as a mistake as I now have some rather irritated muscles or something along those lines as, well, Chinese massage is never exactly comfy, but this one was monster painful and seems to have done me more harm than good! Last time I committed this error I was also subjected to tortures by a willing sister!! NEVER tell the Chinese you're feeling off colour! You get innundated with advice, medicines, painful treatments and all sorts - it's deadly!!!=) Next time I either stay away, or just say, 'Oh, I'm just a bit tired'!!!

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  1. I am glad that the building in the area are prepared for typhoon or earthquakes. I live in chile 30 year, and there lived 2 earthquakes, do not frighten me, but i fear the strong winds.
    the massage that you describes sound painful, my mother in law solves al ill with lemon juice and honey warm.
    take care and have a nice week!.