Monday, 5 October 2009

Rainy, wet Monday!

Another very wet day in Taipei and the temperature has even dropped to only low 20sC now! It won't stay like this for long - just until the two typhoons in the area that are fighting with each other and dragging the whole process out, clear up and push off, then we'll be back to low 30sC again. What gets me is that people still have the air con on!! Waste of leccy, says me! And it's cold..... I wouldn't go as far as to say there's a nip in the air at 34C, but it's not warm under the air con at 22C.

Here's a little fellow we discovered in the kitchen the other day:

We think he's moved on now as we didn't see him all weekend, but you just never know. He's a house lizard and they're very shy of people, so he could just have found a good palce to hide and be ready to make me jump again on reappearing!!

Our teacher said she would be able to read out any sentence in German (as it's got such regular pronunciation and she learned some German in Germany a while back), so Martin obliged with a few long words for her:

And the rest of the class looked on in keen interest:

Here's me legging it across the road on the min:

And this is where we were heading to, a somewhat humble part of our territory where Sir has a good call. The first week I went along with him (he didn't like to take me at first as he thought the area wasn't really suitable for me!!), there was a chap building this brick wall you see here around the door. Probably be someone living in it by now.

This is the lane. They're actually real houses, albeit somewhat makeshift in part, but this is a real lane with proper addresses etc!

If anyone thought anywhere we'd been living was basic, this is someone's kitchen and laundry area. Yes, that's open to the air at the back and, yes, the door is just onto the lane.

This is one of the houses at the far end of the lane. You can just see the official green and white address plate that all buildings have here on the right hand side of the door.

And no, this isn't a piece of crazy patchwork, it's someone's end wall section. You can see wires running out of it.

And here's a little messenger of better things to come!=)

And here's something pretty just past the end of the houses that I thought brightened things up again!

Looks like our tourism trip will be off for tomorrow as the weather seems set to be rubbush for some days to come, so I'll post some other pics I've been taking later in the week instead.

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  1. I hope the typhoon does not do damage in your house, take care of these strong winds.

    the flowers are a beautiful colored dot.