Monday, 21 September 2009

New home photos

Monday is upon us again and I woke up this morning with one of my lovely migraines to brighten the next 2 days. Still, they haven't finished me off yet, so I dare say the chances of this one passing without major mishap are excellent. Feels a bit better now that class is over for the day, but I don't think I want Chinese food for lunch. Sometimes you just can't stomach it, you know?=)

The promised photos of our new flat have been taken. This is the street we live on, with our place marked.

Here is the view from the main flat door across the living room.

And back towards the door from just in front of my desk.

This is the world's pokiest kitchen. It's already been improved a little by Martin putting a rack on the right hand wall for cooking utensils and another one just next to the sink. We're planning on getting a cupboard tomorrow, so it should be even better soon, but you can see here why I feel that this was a kitchen designed for occasional use! Many people eat even 3 meals a day out of the house. It's so cheap that it can be cheaper than cooking your own, but that depends on where you buy your stuff.

This is the view out from my desk, which shows the interesting rooftop sort of things opposite us.

And this is the dining table (which really needs some sort of covering on it) set up with the first salad I'd been able to make in about a month! Martin cooked 2 nice pasta meals over the weekend as well (I've been a bit over-tired and more than happy to be looked after), so the kitchen has been broken in!!

Here's Martin in his study

We've been given a lot of stuff for our place by the local congregation, which has been a great help and a big saving of money. There are just a few more things we need but, yes, we have room for guests - there's a bed in the study and, even though it's only a single, we've enough of the little mattresses to accommodate two.=)

The mosquitoes seem to have gone off me at the moment - I haven't had a bite in about 3 weeks, but that may have something to do with my stopping using any sort of repellent. I'm sure that stuff attracts them and Rosie and Kathleen are of the same mind there too. So, my legs look much better now! Funny that they never seemed interested in Martin. I must taste much nicer, that's it!!!
I realised from comments in some of your e-mails that I didn't quite finish the story of the luggage problem on the way over here. We did put a load of extra clothes on, but, once we got to the EVA counter in Heathrow and realised that we had another 6kg of grace in one case, as there was no-one behind us waiting, we asked for the case back and undressed into it!! We did take one or two extra things onto the plane, things we couldn't easily remove - I was wearing a pair of shorts under my trousers, for instance, but not much and I changed into the shorts in Bangkok airport anyway!! If we'd had to get on the plane somewhat over-dressed, it wouldn't have stayed that way. There's no restrictions on how much you take off the plane, just onto it!!!

I'm planning on doing an extra weekly post on Thursdays or Fridays (depending on time etc) mostly showing more about life in Taiwan as well as places we might visit. As there's no meeting or ministry arrangement on Tuesday pm, we're thinking of having that time after class as our 'tourist time' where we go and see the sights. This week, as we're only furniture shopping tomorrow, I'll do some photos taken whilst on the min last week.

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