Thursday, 24 September 2009


Here are some photos taken last Wednesday whilst doing some calls together. In no special order (other than that I uploaded them in this order....):

Interesting, and very Taiwanese, mixture of religion and patriotism here. The Taiwanese are often very religious/superstitious and they credit the success of their economy and all sorts to the gods they worship and traditions they keep. On the surface, this seems reasonable, so many believe it and live in accordance.

I liked this one a lot - it reminded me of the tradtional Chinese courtyard and I wished I could have seen inside

Here you can see a sihouette of Taipei 101 in the background.
That's all for now. More news on Monday as usual and will have something else put together for later next week as well. These photos, whilst mostly nothing out of the ordinary (for around here anyway) give an idea of what the environment is like.

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